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i want a miracle, please let me be your girl
By michwong · September 24, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

I think keeping two blog sites' kind of tiring, with that, I'm moving my ass down to Tumblr because there's much more fun there. So catch me there; follow me there if you've got Tumblr too. Wouldn't close here yet till further notice, but feel free to relink me there...



All Things Random

By michwong · September 22, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Music Addiction: Whatcha Say (Jason DeRulo)

Earthlings, the GPA scores are finally out, for each module that is. Didn't do as badly as I expected it'll be, guess my UT3 kind of pulled it up a little perhaps, but results ain't as good as my previous year. I only scored a lousy 2.6 grade this semester, kind of disappointing yet tiny relieved. Makes me have a sudden passion to work even harder for my next upcoming semester; however just the thought of a surgery before my new semester kind of brings my spirits down because if so, it'll definitely affect my grades already. I really wish I can stall the surgery till next year, should I?

Anyway, I'm kind of annoyed that guys have NS training; it's oh so damn boring for me. Yesterday "Ter retard" and Nouru booked in once again, now today Edison's turn. Damn boring I swear; can't imagine my guy friends are all slowly going in for NS stuffs. Edison's posted to some ulu place, forgotten the camp area again; so pray he'll take care in there. "Ter retard" and Nouru too kay guys? Make the best out of boring NS training I guess, build some abs and be a better man. LOL

Next up, I'm going gaga over a new kid in town; well I mean a new hot stuff. Didn't notice him much in Twilight since he played a small role only, but started thinking he's quite good looking in Shark Boy & Lava Girl 3D; now I realized he's one of the leading roles in New Moon; which will screen soon sometime in November. Honestly, I really don't get why girls go gaga over that "cocky, shaggy, sparkling" Robert Pattinson who plays Edward Cullen in Twilight. He's not even the least bit hot, he looks like some drug addict instead I swear. He looked still quite good looking as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter, now he looks like some criminal in the Twilight saga. Honestly, he kinds of spoil my impression of Twilight now. So, say hello to the Taylor Lautner who's seriously hot, though he's younger than me by two years; but he's got perfect abs and one handsome face.


Lastly, menses menses go away; it's annoying crap out of me. By the way, do follow my Tumblr site too alright dear friends cause there's more interesting and much more expressive I guess @ michellewong.tumblr.com Thanks all. Ciaos~


By michwong · September 21, 2009 · 0 Comments ·


Hilarious cause menses is being a huge bitch and surgery's yet again P-O-S-T-P-O-N-E-D! I swear its hilarious cause it got delayed for an entire month already. Pray I can go in soon. Fuck menses and the bloody cramps they're giving me, fuck leg muscle aches that are killing me much and damn the migraines I'm having since this morning.

Damn to insensitive parents who are fighting with one another when I'm the one going through immense stress right now. Fuck my mom for yelling at me early in the morning and not putting herself in my shoes; oh and for acting like a bitch in the entire household. I'm honestly damn stressed, just when I've prepared myself to go in, shit crops up and I have to start all over again.

Nevertheless, thanks to my few close friends who texted me early in the morning to wish me luck and stuffs. Sorry to delay yet again.

Blank Expresion

By michwong · September 21, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Music Addiction: Bolero (東方神起)


I'm in a whirlwind of emotions; pray the frigging surgery doesn't get postponed once again due to frigging periods. If not, I'm feeling uber anxious about going in; I tell myself it'll just be another damn procedure and soon I'll be out. If all goes well, the surgery begins at 7am tomorrow then a second one at 12pm I think; ain't too sure. I feel anxious, nervous, paranoid, terrified, worried, looking forward(get it over and done with) and contented in a way(cause few friends might come visit). Such feelings are hard to explain because even I don't know how to bring forward explaining it. I've still got stuffs to pack later on. My legs are way aching cause I've wandered too much yesterday at Vivo City.

Oh by the way, awesome night out with mum yesterday. Supposed to go to church together but ended up too late; so took a bus down to Vivo City instead. When I got there, I kind of regretted going there out of all the places in Singapore we could go, cause prolly its the public holidays, that's why Vivo was packed aplenty with people. By right, I'm supposed to be stuck at home and not going to too crowded places at such a crucial time like this, but hell. We got there, had a great dinner at the food court there, there was this stall that owned a small part of the food court, with own reserved seats and own service there, they sold 肉骨茶; price was quite expensive but food was pretty good. Between just the both of us, we ordered quite a lot. 肉骨茶, 猪脚瘦肉,花生, 咸菜,油条,一壶的茶 . After dinner, wandered around Vivo, didn't buy anything cause the handphone pouch I wanted they didn't sell in any of the handphone shops there, ended up slacking at Starbucks next so I could slurp on my Dark Mocha, then home sweet home via MRT. Got to Northpoint, bought snacks back for siblings then something annoying happened; gahs.

Nevertheless, if I'm really getting admitted successfully this time, then I'll be back in 2 weeks time or more. So miss me humans. I'll be back.

By michwong · September 20, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

M.I.A till death do us apart. I'll come back afresh and different, and make you regret giving me up. If fate allows, we'll meet again.

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